On the PATH to a Jesus WAY by focusing on: GOD (walking with Him)  EACH OTHER (supporting each other's walk with God)  WORLD (sharing our walk with God with others).

Welcome to Pathway Church of Byron Center!

On the Path to a Jesus Way As a group of people saved by Jesus, we have a passion for Him - to follow, love, and serve Him, to worship, know, and honor Him, to walk and talk with Him, to share Him with others - to always ask: What would Jesus do? and then try to do it. This passion for Jesus influences how we work and play, how we create and innovate, how we relate to and care for others, how we do family, how we use our resources, and how we interact with our world. Allowing Jesus to influence all we are and all we do as a community is the walk with God - the Jesus Way - we seek.

  1. INDIVIDUALS: We encourage each person to have a talking, listening, growing relationship with God that begins with praying and reading the Bible daily. We encourage each person to share that relationship with others.
  2. COUPLES: We encourage each couple to have a talking, listening, growing relationship with God and each other, beginning with prayer and reading the Bible together. We encourage couples to share with others their resulting relationships with Jesus and with each other.
  3. FAMILIES: We encourage family behaviors and practices that start in the home that bring family members into a closer relationship with Jesus (the Head) and each other (the body). We encourage each family to share with others their growing relationship with Jesus.
  4. SMALL GROUPS: We encourage singles, couples, and families to be supported in and to share their walk with God in small groups and programs of the church.
  5. WORSHIP: We encourage singles, couples and families that meet in small groups to come together for support and celebration of their walk with God in worship gatherings.
  6. KINGDOM: We encourage everyone in the church to connect with the work of God in the Kingdom (His work beyond our church) both near and far.
  7. WORLD (OUTREACH): We encourage individuals, couples and families to expand this Jesus culture to our work places, neighborhoods, communities, country, and world.

It is our prayer and earnest desire that God, by His grace, would bring this Jesus culture about by transforming us and the people to whom we are connected – as we seek to follow Him, step by step, through the power of the Holy Spirit as He works through prayer and the Word.