God has been paving the way for me to serve in my church community for as long as I can recall.   While I was growing up, my parents were core members of a church plant in Phoenix, Arizona.  I witnessed what true service and community look like in church. We set up and put away our church every Sunday morning in rented school gym spaces.  My parents have been dedicated worship leaders and coordinators for decades.  As part of the family, I also participated in praise and worship from my elementary years by singing or playing instruments.  I was wired to seek a church community where I would be able to use those gifts and experiences to serve.  

In 2005, my husband Thom and I started looking for a church to start our new life together.  We landed at Pathway Church and never left!  We were drawn in for so many reasons but loved that we saw praise and worship as a key way to get connected.  Over the years, I have stepped into planning rotations and been a regular member of the praise team.  We have made praise and worship a family event in our household as well.  Thom plays bass and writes music and my children sing or work in the audio-visual booth.  In the summer of 2022, I officially stepped into the role of worship coordinator taking on the weekly tasks of worship planning, scheduling, and many behind-the-scenes pieces to keep the services and AV running smoothly.  

I am so blessed to serve in such an amazing church family.  We are surrounded by talented musicians, servant workers, and many volunteers willing to lend a hand!  What a gift to be able to share our love of music and present it as an offering to Christ, our Savior!