I have been going to Pathway Church for over 20 years. In high school, I started attending Youth group after a friend invited me. At the time, I was attending a different church on Sundays with my dad. My junior year of high school Pastor Steve Elzinga (Pathway’s former pastor) and his family moved to the area. Joe started attending my youth group and we became really good friends. Fast forward 20 years and we are now married for over 15 years with 3 kids. During my senior year of high school, I started to attend Pathway regularly since my relationship with Joe was becoming more serious and it was important that we grow our Christian faith together. 

During my time here at Pathway, I have volunteered in nursery and was the Little Lamb’s coordinator and put on the children’s programs for many years. After stepping down from little lambs I was looking for ways to help out our church. When the custodian position became available, I knew it would be the perfect job for me and my family. Not only am I able to help my church out and have pride in it but it also allows me to work when my kids are at school.