When you visit us, something you will hear often is the phrase, “Talking and Listening Repeatedly”. This is part of our culture. It is in our DNA. We believe that the Jesus Way we are attempting to travel cannot happen without a relationship with Jesus! And how do you maintain a relationship? You talk and listen repeatedly! Near the end of our Vision document, we list some of our cultural language, and this is what is said to explain “Talking, listening, repeatedly”:

Talking to God in Prayer. Listening to God through the Bible. These are the basics in a relationship
with God, each other, and with those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Over time, through the Holy Spirit, through the ups and downs, the positive experiences and
negative, the joys and sorrows, God’s grace has its way more and more and what was broken
becomes whole.

Here are some tools that help us to Talk and Listen Repeatedly: