Throughout my childhood, I experienced both the blessings and struggles of my father pastoring our church. It made me pretty sure I would never want to be a pastor’s wife! Well, God had a different plan! Through some pretty amazing circumstances and people God held my hand, humbled me, and made it clear to me that I was indeed going to be a pastor’s wife! Over the years, Jim and I have grown closer to each other and to Christ through the blessings and struggles of pastoring God’s church.

Jim and I met at Calvin College where I earned a teaching degree for both general education as well as special education. I taught full time for about 10 years in both special education and general education classroom settings. When our own children became school aged, I began to teach at home full time. I enjoyed being able to develop not only the academic curriculum, but also the spiritual curriculum for our children. Now, with only one son left to homeschool, I have enjoyed using my extra time to aid in the spiritual education at Pathway. Although the volunteers do much of the primary work and weekly contacts, I enjoy keeping things organized and on track, implementing new strategies, encouraging the volunteers, helping parents by making household devotionals & encouraging impactful discussions, and being the advocate for successful participation of the younger members at Pathway! I love what I do, and I love the way it allows me an opportunity to speak for and with our youth!