After moving to Byron Center back in 1999 I found my love of Jesus in 4th grade when my best friend invited me to church. After attending a church service with her family, I looked at her and asked if he really died for me, she said yes and after that my love for Jesus just grew. Throughout my youth I attended church programs, went on mission trips, and helped in children’s programs. My favorite way of expressing my love for God is singing worship on stage during Sunday morning services. For the longest time my previous job kept me from attending church regularly with my family and I felt my faith starting to fail and be tested. But God works in the most amazing way! After 14 years with the same company, God opened a door for me here at Pathway and opened my eyes to a whole new world of faith.

             I found my way here at Pathway a little over 10 years ago while I was dating my now husband Daniel and now attend full time with our children. Since starting this new position here at Pathway I feel my love of God growing and being able to grow in my faith with my family is truly rewarding. Here at Pathway, I do a lot of the behind the scenes items that include our newsletters, announcements, and emails. I am also who you talk to about renting our newly renovated ballroom. I love being able to serve Christ and Pathway with my spiritual gifts behind the scenes and on Sunday mornings.