We will be hosting Outdoor Services beginning Sunday, June 14, 2020 on the north lawn.

We realize that there are many different feelings and opinions on safety. Out of respect for all, we would like to set some baseline guidelines:
1) If you have a fever, cough, or are otherwise ill, please stay home for your sake and others.
2) Please maintain 6′ social distance at all times from people you don’t live with.
3) Please bring a mask or face covering (entering or exiting the service). You do not need to wear the mask if you are sitting or standing 6′ from someone else. Of course, if you feel safer, you are welcome to wear a mask at any time.
4) Since we will be on the north lawn of the church we will have plenty of space to spread out. Keep at least 10 feet from non-family members as we will be doing some singing.
4) The bathrooms on the north end of our building will be open for emergencies only. Parents must accompany their children. Please do not wander about the inside of the building.
5) Please respect those who feel differently about safety precautions than you do. Remember, we are a church family and we want to protect those who may be at greater risk than others. Always BE KIND to others who are in a different situation than you.
6) Please attend at your own risk. If you feel it is unsafe to attend then we welcome you to join us online. Staying home might be a good idea for elderly and immuno-compromised people.
7) Please bring your own lawn chairs.
8) Please do not allow your children to play in close proximity to other children before, during, or after the service.
9) We will have members of the safety team available for assistance, questions, and reminders of how we can all enjoy our time safely.
10) If you are single and you want to sit by other individual or family then please arrange that ahead of time.
We look forward to seeing you all face to face again!
Your Pathway Council